Serial Killer Became A Trustee And Had Access To Prison Visitors Information Book

INMATE turned alleged serial killer Joseph Chiteta and accomplice Miles Malaya in the murders of nine women and two six-month-old babies had access to the visitors’ book at Kabwe Medium Correctional Facility.

Police officers close to investigations into the killing of the women between January and March this year said Chiteta, 53, the supposedly mastermind of the gruesome murders, monitored people who were visiting the correctional facility.

In an interview, the source said Chiteta, a former paramilitary officer, revealed during interrogations that he picked his targeted women when they were visiting their jailed male relatives at Kabwe Medium Correctional Facility.

The source said Chiteta, who was a special-stage inmate commonly called trustees, took advantage of the privileges he was enjoying to enter the room where the book that had information on relatives of his fellow inmates was kept.

“He noted the day and time the women visited. He then went to check in the book and got the information he wanted,” the source said.


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