SHOCKING: I Bought Diarrhea K25 Mu Bus


Shocking: I Bought Diarrhea K25 Mu Bus

Story by: Unknownymous

Last week mu bus. A herbalist, after health talk, convinced us to buy tuma seeds. So, I bought two at 25. That tasted like groundnuts.Morning. I chewed them and drunk 4 cups of warm water, before eating anything, as instructed. 4 hrs later.

I started hearing the pressing of gas pedals of racing motorbikes in my stomach. Thought I was a minor argument of intestines.12hrs sharp. Satan opened the gates of diarrhea. Friends, it was shiki polomya. Noah’s soul must have been confused. It unscrewed the scruples of my anus! The gate got washed out, together with the nuts and bolts of sphincters.14hrs clicked. I thought I saw the shining rainbow in my life.

Little did I know Satan was still undone with me. So, he gave me the world’s great granny of all vomits. I vomited. Yellow stuff. White stuff. Green stuff.

Poured! Till my ass gassed out a tornado, like my body isn’t a temple of Christ. That’s when I sneezed seven times, to get a relief….Friends. Instantly, I took an oath, with hands up, eyes facing heavens, not to buy that stupid seeds again. Do you understand what am talking?

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