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Shots fired: Dj Showstar vs Organised Family

Shots fired: Dj Showstar vs Organised Family

it all started with a comment from the Organised Family boom Dj Showstar responds

Here is what Dj Showstar posted on his Facebook page:

Boi Organised family We live in a Democratic dispensation that also means that people are free to decide who they will support (For whatever reason) it’s not upto you or who you think and believe must be supported.For example. You have openly supported (The UPND). No idiot in their right frame of mind should condemn you or think you don’t have brains. It’s your choice boi and that must be respected. In 2011 when most Zambians wanted Sata and The PF.

You supported the MMD and we all remember and still respect you.You should also do the same – Respect other artists who have decided to sing or support the PF.

You are a professional and international artist so you understand that you don’t only do music for the hype but for the MONEY. I can bet you my last Kwacha that if the PF approached you today and offered you a lot of money for your services. You can’t refuse.

You have picked a side (The UPND) Simply campaign for your side and do Hit Songs for your side without calling each other names. Also allow your friends to do the same.WE MUST LEARN TO CO-EXIST DESPITE DIFFERENT IDEOLOGIES. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN FROM THE SAME HOUSE When some of the greatest politicians in this country including Micheal Chilufya Sata & HH said “if they bring money to you, collect but you should know where you are voting” did you think it only applied to the marketeers???

Do you know that some of the artists who have collected money don’t completely agree with the PF and most probably wont support them? You think a politician will give a f*#k about you after elections? Why do you want to attach emotions to a straight forward business transaction? Nkalako sharp boi

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