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“Side chick is here to stay”-husband tells court

“Side chick is here to stay”-husband tells court

ATTEMPTS by a wife of over a decade and a half to have her husband back hit a disappointing concrete wall when the man without blinking or stammering told the court that the side chick was in their marriage not on casual but permanent basis like civil servant.

This was despite the wife, Naomi Sakala, 37 of Lusaka’s Kabanana Compound vowing before court that despite her husband playing away games for nearly two years in Matero Township with a named side chick, she would still not surrender him to another woman.

A sinful adulterer he may be, Naomi was emphatic in her demand for his return to their home.

“Sininga basiye bamuna aba olo chinkale bwanji, better bamusiye mukadzi uyo ndaba sininga nkale mu mpali. Nifuna tisungile bana pamodzi ” stated Naomi.

So adamant for her beloved was Naomi that she even rejected the learned advice of the court to leave the husband alone especially that he had indicated that he could only return to her if she accepted the side chick as a co-wife.

With husband sticking to his guns in his offer of ‘polygamy or nothing’, and the wife also adamant on ‘abandon side chick and return’, the Court had some choicy words for Naomi who sued.

“I can’t reconcile this marriage based on Phiri’s assumptions who is not sure if he wants you or not, and how can court help you when you have declined my advice and chosen vama rubbish?. This man will only be using you when he feels the need to while he goes back to the woman he loves. It’s too much of women staying in unwanted relationships for the sake of the children” she added. Sue him for child support if you wish”

And that is how the case ended. No reconciliation.

By Buumba Mwitumwa


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