Solwezi Woman Delivers Baby In Hospital Corridor

An Eye witness narrates how a pregnant woman in ha labor delivered a baby in the corridor due to what she described as negligence by healthy stuff at Solwezi General Hospital.

She says.

Solwezi woman gives birth on hospital corridor due to negligence by nurses
“What I saw happening today at Solwezi general hospital, where a pregnant woman was calling for help because she couldn’t walk but the nurses were shouting at her telling her to just walk even left her walking just a few minutes later blood started coming out and that’s how the baby started coming out while she’s in the hospital passage. I even have a video I could send it to you just to show alertness on what these nurses are doing out here it’s really sad.
The baby came out and no one attended to her until the mother to the woman picked the baby up and people started shouting that’s when they showed up,”

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