Some Doctors Protest In Kitwe

THE 189 Doctors have since given Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo one week to act by providing them with employment as per the promise.

The Doctors who gathered at KitweTeaching Hospital this morning for a protest, said they were promised to be employed using the 2021 budget but that government remained mute on issue.

Speaking on behalf the other Doctors, Wallance Ndumba warned that failure to act, they will match to State House because they believe that the Head of State will help them to get the jobs.

“We have been timing the streets for a year now without employment. The problem is that we are now stranded because we are not allowed to practice anywhere before you are employed by the government to finish the internship. This very unfair. The government had assured us that we will be employed this year, using the 2021 budget, but the story changed and we can’t continue waiting any longer, we have been roaming the streets for a long time now. Updates, we can’t continue waiting. We give the minister of health a week to listen to us, or we will March to State House so that the President can hear us,”  Dr Ndumba said.

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