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I’ve been been married to my husband for five years now and we have one child together, my husband works as a mechanic and I’m a nurse. We’ve never had major problems with money as we have jobs and we have always managed to pay our bills and provide for our family. We have been really happy. My husband has always been a fan of soccer and I didn’t really know much about it but I would always sit and watch with him.

Problems started when he started sports betting. I didn’t even know what this was about let alone think it was going to start bringing problems in my home. My husband stopped watching football games at home and he decided to be watching the games out with his friends. I honestly didn’t mind because at least I could go back to watching my favorite TV shows instead of football.

The betting seemed to have been going well for my hubby, he would come home happy and even brought home groceries. Wow I thought, I was happy this was going well for him until he started losing. One night he came home very angry, apparently, he had lose a lot of money. I had never seen him that upset, I tried to comfort him but he shouted at me. I didn’t take any of this to heart because I believed it was silly.

Mwebantu this has become a habit, every time he loses, he comes home and shouts at me. One night he came home like a wounded buffalo, he was very drunk, him being drunk made things worse for me my son and my niece, he locked us out of the house. We tried to talk to him but he didn’t open the door for us. We had a sleep at our neighbor’s house. The next morning we went back to our house and he apologized and said he was going to quit but he didn’t.

He come home happy because he won and bribed me by buying me an iPhone 12. He said he can’t stop because he believes that one day he will win a lot of money and buy us a house. The following week he lost and the same thing happened. I’m really tired of this behavior and I don’t know what to do.

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