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I have in the last few days been following with interest the matter in which the Chilonga Nursing Mission School expelled the 4 students who featured in a video that circulated on social media showing nursing students dancing in a rather unethical manner.

I since got in touch with the girls and their families and I have been in constant touch with them with assurance that this is not the end of their dream to serve especially with an understanding that such a move by the school management puts these ladies’ emotions on a rampage.

While nursing is a profession that calls for high moral standards and we agree with the school management that the behaviour exhibited by the young ladies is not acceptable given the code of conduct they signed and pledged to uphold, also the moral standing and teachings of our Catholic Church which runs the school, it is also our concern that the punishment is one likely not to solve the situation but cause mental anguish and damage to the lives and families of these girls.

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Therefore, I have taken a step to engage the school management and authorities to plead on behalf of the students for a punishment that will reform and make them morally upright citizens without ending their aspirations for a nursing career.

I have also advised the affected students to appeal and show commitment to repent, for the management of Chilonga to effect a less stiff punishment which will allow these girls to continue with school after serving the punishment and help their families to make progress is a much more appealing action.

I want to urge everyone more especially those on social media not cast aspersions on them but encourage and pray for the young ladies as they appeal the expulsion and show their deep regret for the wrong committed.

Signed Hon Francis Robert Kapyanga – MP Mpika Constituency Muchinga Province

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