Stephen Kampyongo Detained By Police

POLICE in Lusaka have detained and recorded a warn and caution statement, from Former Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo for the offence of endangering safety contrary to Section 8(f) of CAP 445 Safety of Civil Aviation Act of the laws of Zambia

Police Spokesperson Rea Hamoonga has told #Mwebantu in a statement, that particulars of the offence are that Mr Kampyongo with others are alleged to have endangered the safety of an Aircraft and its Passengers.

Mr Hamoonga said this occurred on the 2nd of January, in 2015 at Kalalatekwe School grounds in Shiwangandu District, in Muchinga Province.

He further said Mr Kampyongo is yet to be formerly charged and arrested at the place of commission of the offence.

And some Patriotic Front (PF) members that rushed to Chelstone police station where Mr Kampyongo has been detained have described the detention as not unusual.

Speaking outside the police station after being denied access to the premises, one of the members Brian Mundubila further said the persecution is political despite the Vice-president Mrs W K Mutale Nalumango denying it on the floor of the house.

“What we are seen is not unusual, we will not relent but will fight to the bitter end, ” Mr Mundubila said.

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