S*x Workers Demand Total Respect From The Public

“We feed our families and take our children to school because of our bodies”
Female S*x Workers Association of Zambia has disclosed that the country has about 15,828 registered s*x workers, but despite that, the country has not yet legalized the world’s oldest profession.

Speaking during Women’s Day Celebrations in Ndola today, General S*x Workers’ Association of Zambia (GSWAZ) President Lizzy Mwenya called on the New Dawn Government to legalize the fastest growing industry in the country as a way of empowering women. “We urge the government to enact deliberate laws of helping the s*x workers. We demand respect from the public” she added. Ms Mwewa who in 2016 divorced her husband in order to pursue her career dream, disclosed that her members in Solwezi, Nakonde, Kapri, Kasumbalesa and Livingstone make between K15,000 to K25,000 per month and some are even building hence the need for the public and the government to respect the profession.

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