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The Late Dr Tasila’s Boyfriend Is Brutal And A Savage As Reviled In New Findings.

PRELIMINARY investigations have revealed that late Dr Tasila Tembo’s boyfriend LT Nigel Mwaba was notoriously violent as his first marriage ended when he brutally beat up his wife, locked her in the house to die and was later discovered by the neighbours who took her to the hospital.

And information has emerged that before her disappearance, Dr Tembo called her boyfriend to end the relationship but that did not go well with him.

The two were allegedly cohabiting for three years.Two weeks ago when Dr Tembo phoned her boyfriend that she was ending their relationship, Lt Mwaba travelled to Kasama to try and reconcile with her.

The couple then travelled back to Lusaka where Dr Tembo planned to inform her relatives about her decision to end the relationship.

However, on October 24, Lt Mwaba who had gone out arrived home at midnight and allegedly lied to his girlfriend that he wanted to go and pick up his car which was left at Total filling station on ibex main street.He allegedly asked Dr Tembo to escort him using her motor vehicle.

However, due to the rift that was there between the two, Dr Tembo asked her younger brother Lonjezo Tembo aged 30 to accompany them.

When they reached total filling station Lt Mwaba asked the brother in law to go and buy some beers and bread from the shop but when he went back he found that they had left and immediately their phones were switched off.

Meanwhile, preliminary investigations conducted so far reveals that that Lt Mwaba has been to Mazabuka and Nampundwe.

Further, Road Development Agency has been written to conduct a search at toll gates to show where he might have headed

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