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The Trending Suicide Story FAKE.

Last night social media was buzzing as users took turns in sharing a post of a man named Silumesi who said he wanted to commit suicide because of the death of his sister..

It turns out, its fake but rather he hopes his posts will help someone who wants to end their life to rethink their actions because its not the solution to ending ones problems

Silumesi Writes…

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. UnknownThose who are deeply depressed and considering suicide usually have difficulty realizing that their life can get better.

The aforementioned author Matt Haig is a great example: he was about to kill himself, but now has a successful career and a loving family.

If you choose suicide, then you’re eliminating future hope and the possibility of finding happiness and enjoyment. When the mind is so dark, it can be hard to see any possibility for future happiness, but it can and often does – get better.

Whether it’s through taking medication, counselling, exercise, eating well, getting into a routine, or setting goals, these steps will help you on your path. Know that it is possible to recover from feelings of depression, pain, and suicidal thoughts.

Gud nyt to y’all and God bless you hope my post has helped one or two people going through depression if only I was an actor Che but not here in Zambia love y’all To my family and friends there was really nothing serious about that circulating post about me comminting suicide but just to help and council an individual who would think taking his/her life in such a way.

To those worried about me and you keep on calling am very much alive and strongAnd remember to vote wise on the 12th August God bless y’all and always use a prayer to God as a weapon Am humbled to all those who shared my post Ba Nkani mulomo lol

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