Zambezi Magic Tuvwange Presenter Natasha Vandermaas Going Through Divorce


Zambezi Magic Tuvwange show Presenter Natasha Vandermaas is going through divorce with her husband after a short dispute.

It is allegedly that Natasha and Mr. Vandermaas divorced on allegations that her husband was taking advantage of her rich family.

Ms. Natasha is coming from a well to do family whose family business revolves about in Construction while Mr. Vandermaas took advantage of that.

According to sources familiar with the development have told Ocent Nation that Mr. Vandermaas has been chased from the house which the two use to live in which is located in Chudleign near ZESCO in the in-law’s yard

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Ms. Natasha has been of late been going home late after heavy drinking sprees.

“So they have not yet officially divorced but gone separate ways and that is why she has been herself lately it’s because she no longer gets permission from her husband. The house is in chudleigh near ZESCO where the husband stays by the In-laws .So mr Vandermaas had 2 kids with a Zambian woman before meeting natasha” a source said.

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“Natasha and Mr. Vandermaas have one child together. Though Natasha is coming from a well to do family and her father is into construction business” a source disclosed.

In strange circumstances, Ms. Natasha has now deleted all her pictures she shared with Mr. Vandermaas.

We are still surprised to why she has not switched to her default names.


Credit: OcentNation

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