Unruly UPND Cadres Caused Commotion At Chelstone Police Station Assaulting Chris Mall

While Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee in charge of Information and Publicity Rapheal Nakacinda was being interrogated by officers at Chelstone Police Post, unruly UPND cadres attacked Chelstone Police Station damaging property and causing injuries to individuals.
The said cadres caused commotion at the Police station as they threw stones at the PF officials, leaving some with injures and some vehicles broken.
Police however managed to contain the situation and apprehended some perpetrators of the illegality.
And PF vice President Given Lubinda bemoaned the illegality.
He said the maintenance of democracy in Zambia is dependent on the strength of the Patriotic Front.
“And this small gathering here is proving that we are going to defend democracy. There is no reason why we are going to allow that Police protect culprits at the expense of victims,” he said.
“The Patriotic Front is a peaceful Party and we are demonstrating that even under extreme provocation, we will only run away and run to the police. It is the duty of the police to protect victims and here we are innocent victims.
“A number of our people have been injured, a number of our vehicles have been broken because of hooligans who cannot tolerate democracy. If our man committed an offense let the police investigate. Let the courts of the law adjudicate. It is not up to UPND cadres, UPND thugs to come and dispense justice by throwing stones at peaceful people like this.”
Hon Lubinda said President Hichilema promised to rule the country by the rule of law and wondered whether “this is governance through the rule of law where cadres just come to the police without fear and start throwing stones at the police station.”

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