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UNZA Meningitis Patient Dickson Mpundu Graduates With A Degree

Dickson Mpundu is a Degree graduate student from the University of Zambia that suffered meningitis which left him a slow learner.

Meningitis is an Inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes, typically caused by an infection.But in his slow learning, Dickson chose to change the narrative and rose above all challenges to make his family and Zambia proud.

He posts:

The slow learner Meningitis made me stop counting the year I was going to graduate,even taking note of courses I have cleared and have not cleared, instead it became a norm; every year UNZA opens I have to go to clear some courses.

So this year when UNZA opened, I returned to school and asked my program of study department head the courses I have remained with. He told me the courses you have to do to attain your degree are done, so clear your balance and see your results,they will tell you the way forward.

I Cleared the balance and checked my results, only to find that I have cleared all the courses and it was written graduating student.

People, God is wonder working, I can testify, I am thanking my elder sister Mrs Masangu who asked me to try Him.

Congratulations Dickson!

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