Upnd has no capacity to govern the nation – Lubusha PF Eastern province chairman

Upnd has no capacity to govern the nation – Lubusha PF Eastern province chairman

says the UPND,s failure to effectively manage the councils’ they fully control is an indication that they are total failures. Patriotic Front PF Eastern province chairman Andrew Lubusha says the opposition UPND has no capacity to preside over the affairs of the country. Mr.Lubusha has told Smart Eagles in an interview that the UPND should have shown the country that they are capable of governing by effectively managing their party dominated councils in their strongholds. He said the UPND held councils have only been known for endless scandals and mismanagement. Mr.Lubusha adds that the Patriotic Front has proved to be the only effective political party capable of meeting the aspirations of the people.” UPND has no vision for this country because look at the councils they manage, they are a total failure and they should have shown us an example by running them effectively. PF has delivered beyond expectations and Zambians should not make a mistake to vote for the UPND because they will take the country back to the UNIP era,” Mr.Lubusha said.And Mr. Lubusha said the UPND should be realistic when they claim that the PF has done nothing since assuming office.” UPND is preoccupied with cheap propaganda while we are busy telling the people what we have done for the country. The opposition UPND is not being realistic and they have no moral conscious. When you come to Eastern province for example you will be greeted with massive development and this is going on across the country.,” he said.Meanwhile, Mr. Lubusha said the ruling party in the province is working hard to consolidate votes for President Edgar Lungu so that he retains to State House. ” The Vubwi council Chairperson by – election victory will replicate itself in August, we hammered the UPND by over 50 percent compared to the margin they win in their strongholds. We are on the right spot interms of consolidating the party in Eastern province and deliver victory for President Lungu,” Mr. Lubusha said.

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