UPND Welcomes PF Members To Contest Under Their Party In The Coming Elections

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has extended an‘olive branch’ to Patriotic Front (PF) members to contest under the party during the forthcoming general elections.

Party spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said at a media briefing that the party is open to everyone aspiring to contest under the UPND.

“Will would like to invite colleagues across including those who are from Pf, the door is open, UPND is a party of choice,” he said.

Mr Mweetwa has also expressed concern with the decision by PF to only announce the names of those will be adopted to stand on nomination day, describing the move as the last kicks of a dying horse.

“You see, something unprecedented has happened this year where the ruling party has said it will not announce the names of those adopted until the nomination day. They are in panic mode and are afraid, they are doing everything they can to hold on to the membership they have.

Look at what they have done, that for one to contest in these elections, you need to pay nomination fees to ECZ nomination fee from the May 1st to 9th before parliament dissolves, does that make sense?

You must allow parliament to dissolve, when parliament has dissolved, then everyone is free to belong and associate with the party of their choice. There is no need to panic, they will not be the first ones to leave government,” Mr Mweetwa said.

Meanwhile Mr. Mweetwa said the UPND has resolved not to comment on issues concerning National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili who was part of the UPND alliance stating that it is his conditional right to join any party of his choice.

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