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VIDEO: 12 Year Old Girl Accidentally Shoots Her Cousin Then Herself In Live Video

Authorities in St. Louis are currently investigating an incident that took place over the weekend, which left two young cousins deceased. The incident was captured during a live stream, which captured the final moments of their lives.

According to NBC News, the two young cousins were identified as Paris Paris Harvey, 12, and Kuaron Harvey, 14. Police officials say they responded to the incident around 2 a.m. on Friday, and the two children were unfortunately pronounced deceased at the scene. They said the “victim and suspect were located inside a residence suffering from puncture wounds.”

Police are identifying the incident as a murder-suicide, however, the children’s family members are saying it was an unfortunate accident.

Paris’ mother and Kuaron’s father are siblings.

In the tragic video, after the two gunshots were heard, the family members that were outside of the bathroom could be heard screaming as they try to make their way inside the bathroom. As they peek inside and see the two young cousins on the floor they began to scream out of shock.

Shinise said she is not aware of how Paris got a hold of the gun, and it is not clear if any charges will be filed as a result of the tragic incident.


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