Good morning Zambian stories.
I’m a female aged 18 and I’ve been living with my parents. I’m their only child. I have just found out that the woman I’ve been calling mother, isn’t my biological mother, She’s my step mother. When my biological mother was pregnant with me, my father denied the pregnancy and left her. My biological mother died while giving birth to me and my father was forced to take me after learning of my mother’s death. My step mother has never treated me well. She has always been very strict, so strict that she doesn’t allow me to hang out with my friends.

She has always mistreated me, she makes me do all the chores. we have never had a close relationship because everytime I tried to get close to her, she would push me away. There was a time I almost got raped and instead of consoling me, she blamed me. She has never bought me anything, my father is the one who always buys me clothes and everything. She would shout at me for no reason, she would call me a cursed child, and sometimes she would tell me that she hates me. My friends are not allowed to visit me at home. She has never been happy with me, I’ve been a good student at school and I always made sure to get As but she was never happy. I passed my grade 12 exams and I got 6 points but she never came to my graduation.

I always wondered why she never liked me and now I understand. She told me this herself. She blames me for not having kids, she called my late mother a witch. She says she’s happy I’m 18 because I’ll leave her house. I’ve been so depressed. I don’t know how to feel. I’ve loved her like a mother despite everything she did to me. Thank you for allowing me to vent

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