Why I Chose Professor Nkandu Luo As My Running Mate: President Lungu

There is no shred of doubt within me that Prof. Nkandu Luo is the right choice for my running mate, and that we are going to make a great team in our journey towards August 12 and beyond.

Prof. Nkandu Luo is a strong woman who epitomizes women empowerment. Her story began like any ordinary girl. She was born in a humble family to two teachers in a rural place, at a time when no one in our society, and many societies around the world, talked about women empowerment.

But she remained focused on her dream to study medicine and pursued it with great determination to become Zambia’s first female professor in a male-dominated field of microbiology.And by that, she became a trailblazer and an inspiration to many young girls across the country who today stand on her strong shoulders.

Prof. Luo’s work as a microbiologist and immunologist has won her accolades globally, but it is the women whose lives she helped to change through her reform programme that targeted sex workers at Tasintha that would sing the loudest praises for her here at home.

Prof. Luo’s pioneering work in fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic has saved thousands lives.And yet, despite her starry academic and professional background, she remains a down-to-earth and approachable person. I could not have asked for a better running mate than those two qualities rolled into one.

She also brings to the table an experienced pair of hands in political governance. Her political career spans almost three decades and that will be a great asset to my leadership.Her diligent service as minister in various Government ministries over the past two decades is also unquestionable.

She remains patriotic to her country and I believe she will make a great Vice-President of our great nation.Prof. Luo is not my last stop; my promise is that I will continue to create a platform for women in this country to excel as I have done before.



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