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Wife d!tched for lack of respect

Lack of respect has led to a woman of Ndola losing her 21-year-old marriage after her husband sued for divorce in Kabushi Local Court.

Francis Banda, 48, sued Lizzy Musonda, 45, for divorce on grounds that he had lost interest in her as she lacked respect for him.

Banda told the court that the two got married in 2002 when he paid K20 as dowry and together they have three children.

He said problems started in 2005 when his wife stopped trusting him and whenever he was sleeping she would go through his phone.

Banda said he had lost interest in his wife because she lacked respect for him and was fond of insulting him all the time.

Banda said there was no peace in their home because they sometimes fought in front of their children.

“Your honour, I just want this marriage to end because this woman has no respect for me which every man out there values,” he said.
In defence, Musonda told the court that her husband had extra-marital affairs.


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