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My wife has a female friend that I absolutely dislike. They are not really even that close. They used to work together for a year or so in the same office and this woman has 5 kids with three different fathers, she’s completely irresponsible with her finances, she throws her kids around to her parents while she goes clubbing almost every other week and parties like she’s still in her twenties (she’s in her 40’s).

The things that come out of her mouth is either nonsense, uninformed, or blatant lies, yet she loves to give everyone relationship and financial advice.

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years and I have no issues with who she befriends – just don’t expect me to like him or her or drag me along. So just this week, this “friend” asks her to come over for dinner. Knowing very well that I dislike this woman, my wife asks me to join her and I politely refuse, knowing very well that it’s going to be an uncomfortable situation. Yet, my wife insists until we start arguing about the reasons why I dislike her friend.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you put up with your spouse’s friend(s) and just “fake it” to be polite? Or do you do what I do and just avoid them altogether? I know if I go to dinner with this woman and she starts spewing things I disagree with, I’ll say something and it’ll be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. What should I do? Anyone have similar experiences?


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