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Witness Tells Court That Lt Mwaba Told Dr Tasila That She Does Not Deserve To Live

This was heard during continued trial in a case in which Zambia Army officer, Lieutenant Nigel Musonda Mwaba, is charged with the murder.

It is alleged that Lt Mwaba on an unknown date but between October 24, 2020 and October 26, 2020 in Lusaka murdered Dr Tembo.

He allegedly beheaded Dr Tembo after she decided to end their relationship.

Lieut Mwaba was arrested on December 3, 2020 after he was spotted at Leopards Memorial Park around 16:00 hours on the material day when he requested workers at the cemetery to show him where Dr Tembo was buried.

When the case came up before judge Wilfred Muma, late Dr Tembo’s cousin, Mulubwa Sokontwe narrated that the deceased visited and conferred with her before she went missing.

Ms Sokontwe told the court that she was very close to Dr Tembo and that when she visited her in October 2020, they had a conversation and Dr Tembo later showed her a WhatsApp message which was sent by Lieut Mwaba in which he stated that: ‘I will make you go. I know you have moved on with another man. You don’t deserve to live. I will make sure I expose your nude photos so that people can know the kind of woman you are.’

Ms Sokontwe testified that when they were having their supper at around 22:40, a nephew, Katongo Maduna came with Dr Tembo’s brother Lonjezo Tembo, and were using the deceased’s motor vehicle.

She said Dr Tembo was supposed to travel to Kasama the following day with her brother Lonjezo.

Ms Sokontwe also narrated how her and her sister, Beatrice Sokontwe asked Dr Tembo if she was alright and she said she was good enough to travel.

She said Dr Tembo even kissed them and told them that she will be okay, adding that that was the last time she saw her.

Ms Sokontwe said Dr Tembo told them that she was heading back to her house in Meanwood, Ibex Hill.

When cross examined by one of the defence lawyers, Mauyaneyi Maribesa, Ms Sokontwe said

Dr Tembo visited her often with Lieut Mwaba and that during the visits, they were happy.

She confirmed that she had recommended the two to marry and she always asked them when they would marry.

Further cross examined by another defence lawyer Dr Obrien Kaaba on whether Dr Tembo was a humble person, the witness confirmed that the deceased was humble.

And asked whether Dr Tembo was a person who would take nude pictures, Ms Sokontwe declined.

Meanwhile, judge Muma expressed concern that the prosecution only brought one witness.

He urged the State to ensure that they bring the remaining State witnesses at the next hearing, noting that the case has dragged for too long.

Judge Muma adjourned the case to March 15.

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