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A 25-year-old woman of Luanshya has committed suicide allegedly by hanging herself on a tree after her boyfriend gave her a K100 to do her hair.

The deceased, Bervery Mubanga is alleged to have after been given the K100 to do her hair, prompting her to accuse her boyfriend of having an affair with another woman as he had delayed to give her the money.

Copperbelt police commanding officer said the incident occurred between July 31st around 23:00 hours and August 1st, this year around 01:30 hours.

He said the incident was reported by 35-year-old Eleven Mulubwa that his girlfriend, Ms Mubanga, now deceased had hang herself on a mango tree.

“Brief facts of the matter are that on July 31st, 2023 at 23:00 hours, the reporter (Mr Mulubwa) was called by Ms Mubanga, the now deceased at her residence to give her money for her hair, Mr Mulubwa then went and gave her a K100 to go and do her hair. It was at this point that the now deceased accused him of having an affair with another woman hence the delay in seeing her,” he said.

He explained that to avoid the arguments, Mr Mulubwa left the deceased at her parents residence were she stays and went for a drinking spree.

Mr Mweemba said later around 01:30 hours as he was returning to his house, he found his girlfriend hanging dead on a mango tree at his house.

“The matter was reported to the police who visited the scene and the body was found hanging dead on a Mango tree. The body of the deceased was properly inspected and the following was observed, a tongue was protruding, some discharge from her private part , and stool from the anus were also observed. No visible injuries were noted. No foul play is suspected from the relatives and the police,”


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