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Woman discovers sx video starring husband and ex- wife.

Woman discovers sx video starring husband and ex- wife.

A WOMAN of Ndola on the Copperbelt wants nothing to do with her husband after she stumbled on x-rated videos of him and his ex-wife trying out every style of adult bedroom gymnastics.

Mary Moyo cried to the court that that she had allowed her husband to be visiting his former wife so he could see his children but was shocked that not only was he trying to make more babies with her but also recording their attempts on video.

Sunday Times reports that Moyo found a video of her husband Maya Hambaba on his Mobile phone clearing the cobwebs of his ex wife’s tunnel of pleasure.

This act, boiled her temper like red hot lava about to erupt from a volcano, triggering her legs to march to the Kabushi Local Court to abort their marriage.

Mary revealed that Hambaba swore that he had nothing to do with the ex- before she stumbled upon a home made blue movie starring her husband and his lover.

“I allowed him to visit his children but he was
instead going to have sx with her when he told me that the marriage ended with the first wife,” Mary said as reported by Sunday times.


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