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Shocking: Young Man Post a Video While Pregnant and After Birth

Young Man Post a Video While Pregnant and After Birth

It appears that the twenty-first century has brought about many changes in the world, and the use of technology has grown gradually, seemingly preceding God’s work on a daily basis, as men are changing their genders and other men are getting pregnant, which appears to be impossible but is happening.

A young American man sparked a social media frenzy when he posted videos of himself being pregnant and caring for his newborn baby boy on TikTok.

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Many people couldn’t believe it was his baby, so he made a new video showing his bump from the beginning of his pregnancy until he gave birth.

His story, however, appears to be too good to be true, as he also posted a picture while in the maternity ward. The man appears to be transgender because he has large breasts that are large enough to breastfeed a baby.

People were stunned after watching his video because they couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing.

Many people went to leave negative comments, labeling the guy as evil because they believe it is impossible for a man to have his own child.

Others claim that gays are insane and that the baby will be confused and insane because he was conceived in a man’s womb.

watch his video below;

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