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Young mother suffocates own baby shortly after birth

Young mother suffocates own baby shortly after birth

A 22-YEAR-OLD woman of Kapiri Mposhi, Central Province has allegedly killed her baby by suffocating it under a mattress shortly after
giving birth.

Queen Mboroma of Ndeke Township is alleged to have killed her baby on Sunday around 14:00 hours.

Central Province police commanding officer Chileshe Mukuka said Mboroma, who has been charged with infanticide, was reported to
the police by aunt Astrada Mboroma, 31.

“The suspect was pregnant and was left alone at the house when she delivered a baby boy unaided,” he said.

She later murdered the baby by putting it under a mattress and sat on it until the infant

When police visited the crime scene, they examined the baby’s body which did not have any physical injuries.

“However, the umbilical cord was not severed from the placenta,” Mr Mukuka said.

The baby’s body was taken to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital where a pathologist is expected to conduct postmortem.

The suspect has been arr#sted and charged with infanticide.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail

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