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ZAF Says The Presidential Jet Can’t Be Sold

THE Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has clarified that the Gulfstream G-650 aircraft cannot be sold as it is against the laws that govern the Air Force as a defence entity.

In a press release issued, ZAF Director of public relations and foreign liaison, Mutale Kasoma said all equipment listed and appearing on the ZAF inventory is classified as military equipment.

He said such equipment is acquired for purposes of carrying out specific functions and missions or to fulfil Air Force mandates. Colonel Kasoma said all military equipment procured for purposes of achieving functions, missions and mandate cannot be sold during the course of operational use, life span or for business purposes.

“The Gulfstream G-650 aircraft, which was acquired by ZAF through a contract by the Ministry of Defence and brought on charge on the ZAF inventory, and is thus classified as military equipment for use by the Office of the President and Commander in Chief of the Defence force, currently held by his Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu, cannot be sold.

The ZAF’s mandate to convey incumbent Presidents has been in force since independence in 1964 and all six Presidents have been conveyed by the Air Force in this regard using different aircraft over the years,” Colonel Kasoma said.

He emphasized that the aircraft or any other equipment on the Air Force inventory cannot be done as it against the laws that govern the Air Force as a defence entity.

Colonel advised citizens to acquaint themselves with functions, operations and laws that govern all other Defence and Security as the are key institutions.

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