Zambian Man Turns Himself Into A Woman

When y’all see me, most of you think am crazy, I have demons and all that, but one thing I should make clear to y’all is that I never chose to be like this! But because society does not understand anything about me that’s why it chooses to discriminate me in all angles of life. But it’s okay, I am Human too. I have been called names and people still are calling me names for being who I am for being true to myself and for living my life the way it was planned.
Since most of y’all would say I have demons and , I can assure you that not any pastor or anything you wish to use to get the so called demons out of me will succeed! Because this is the way I am and I just found myself in this world full of critics.
And y’all should bare in mind that I will never be the person you expect me or want me to be because am not that person. I am Me! Denzel Chama Sadakah and what you see is absolutely what you get. Because of what society is all about I can not live my life.
I do not want to live a life full of pretense. If there was any possible way we knew the persons we’d become when they we get born, and if there was an option to choose, I’d rather choose not to have existed at all knowing that am coming into a life that I didn’t choose to be in a certain way whereby I’d get discriminated, insulted and bullied because of being me!
This life💔💔 y’all will miss me and remember me🕊🕊

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