A Zambian Woman Ireen Mulenga has once again hit back at her male critics by charging that she is not worried about Zambian men marrying foreigners because they only last for 5 minutes in bed.

Ms. Mulenga says even if Zambian men were so excited traveling to different countries for more women, there is nothing good they are going to do because they can’t last for more than 5 minutes.

She wondered how a man who can not last for five minutes can manage five wives or girlfriends from other countries.
“So you are getting excited, you have your wife or girlfriend and decide to go to out other women? What are you going to do there when you can not last for 5 minutes? You only last for 5 minutes on your woman, how many minutes are you going to last for five foreign women? Stop embarrasing our country. When you are in foreign countries, you are representing our country so sit down and be with your girls who are used to 5 minutes” she wrote.

Many Zambian men called Ireen desperate and a cheap woman after she said Zambian men weak in bed.

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