Zambians Should Expect A Lot Of Lies From Politicians In The Run Up To Next Year’s Elections – Bishop Benjamin Phiri

Zambians Should expect a Lot Of lies From Politicians In The Run Up To Next Year’s Elections.

New Ndola Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri says Zambians should expect a lot of lies from politicians in the run up to next year’s elections.

Bishop Phiri, who is the immediate past Auxiliary Bishop for Chipata Diocese, said some politicians will be promising politicians to build airports in rural areas where people predominantly use bicycles and motor vehicles.

In his sermon during a farewell mass at St Pauls parish in Lundazi on Sunday, Bishop Phiri, who was recently appointed Ndola Diocese Bishop, said those who are seeking public office should be truthful.

“Other people, instead of serving others, they just serve themselves. These are the things that are going to eat you up. You will go to hell because of such things. Be trustworthy, love people and love God. Love people not just hoodwinking them because we are going to elections. Don’t just cheat people, others will be saying ‘I am going to build you an airport here’ but who needs an airport as if we use planes in rural places? Most of us walk, others have bicycles while others have motor vehicles, so what’s the airport for? Be honest and look after the good of the people who are entrusted to you, that’s how God is going to judge you,” he said.

Bishop Phiri said God will not judge people based of the positions they held.

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