ZESCO Announces Extended Hours Of Load Shedding

Longer Hours of load shedding- Zesco

Power Utility Company, ZESCO has informed consumers of extended hours of Load Shedding that they should brace for a 15 hours load shedding.

The electricity grid has lost 130 megawatts because of a power failure at Maamba forcing the Power Utility Company to embark on load shedding which will result in some areas experiencing longer black out.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu has confirmed this.

Ms. Zulu says there may be variations in adherence to the current load shedding hours until at a time when the situation will be normalized.

She also assured customers that that the corporation is working round the

clock to assess the impact of the deficit.

Image may contain: text that says "fthe Group Companies PRESS STATEMENT LOSS 130MW 2020, NATIONAL general technical failure ZESCO inform customers 130MW romhe national owia unit. This deficit implies that there may variations shedding situation normalized. however, like customers that round clock deficit the general public kept informed on the implications shedding schedule. corporation working customersa this development on customers cooperation urge themo continue employing efficient initiatives completely switching appliances when not use, migrating to the efficient and using cooking. initiatives current manage equitably corporation customers ensure that available power shared Zulu (Mrs.) Relations Manager ZESCO Limited"

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