ZNBC’s Mary Mwikisa And Husband Survive Road Accident

ZNBC Tv’s News present Mary Kasoka Mwikisa and her husband Lineka Mwikisa recently survived A road traffic accident after being hit by an over speeding vehicle.

This came to light when she shared a post on her Facebook account.

She Wrote:

A few days ago we were reminded of how precious and fragile life is. My husband and I were saved by God’s Grace, nothing else, purely God’s Grace.
Our car was hit by an over speeding driver who did not see that we had reduced speed because of a huge pothole (more like a huge deep hole) on great north rd.
Everyday people are losing lives on this road and it’s heartbreaking.
Working on roads such as this one is a matter of urgency, this will minimize human error induced accidents.
We need to do more than offering condolence messages in the news….
-Unattended to potholes
-Overtaking reckless trucks
Thank you lord for saving our lives! 🙏
What God cannot do does not exist!




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